Gallery 2016

This is Osama Al-Ani, an artist from Iraq. It’s nice to have you in my online art gallery. Thanks for stopping by!
Since I was a kid, I had to deal with many issues that most of the people around the world aren’t even aware of the existence. In 2012, because of the incessant battle between different politic and religious sides in my mother country, I was forced to move with my family to a foreign land. Home and personal belongings had to be left behind. Today, we are refugees in Jordan.
Thanks to the art, and despite the cruel reality that still surrounds me and my family, I have learned to find poetry in life and transform it into artwork.
It would be an immeasurable satisfaction for me to pack and send one or more of my artworks fine printed in metal to you. Furthermore, if you want me to transform your life poetry in artwork, please let me know. I will be more than happy to do that for you.
Osama Al-Ani